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Spell Checker - Version 1.00 (DEPRECATED)

This extension has been deprecated. WYSIWYG Web Builder now uses the standard spell checking functionality of Windows.

The Spell Checker extension adds spell-checker capability to WYSIWYG Web Builder. The spell checkerís user interface is based on the spell checker of Microsoft Office products, so if you are familiar with these products you will find your way around its options very easily.

Key Features:
Quickly check the spelling of the current text block using F7.
Microsoft Office like user interface and options.
Supports the Text Object, Marquee, Shape Text and the Blog editor.
As-you-type spell checking.
Suggestions are sorted by the degree of closeness with the misspelled word.
Ability to open multiple dictionaries at the same time.
Real-time underlining of misspelled words.
Auto-correction of common mistakes as you type with ability to add your own corrections.
Correcting two initial caps.
Capitalizing the first letter in the sentence.
User defined exceptions for capitalizing of the first letter in the sentence.
Correcting accidental use of CAPS LOCK key.

Important note
This extension is provided as an extra service for registered users of WYSIWYG Web Builder.
We take great care to ensure that the Spellchecker works as it should, but it is not an official part of WYSIWYG Web Builder and is not supported by Pablo Software Solutions. Unfortunately the spellspecker does not support Unicode and 64bit.
Download (Last update: December 10, 2010)
Spell Checker Extension

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