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For more details about upgrading to WYSIWYG Web Builder 14 please read: WYSIWYG Web Builder 14 Upgrade FAQ
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You can purchase WYSIWYG Web Builder securely through the web, with the help of our e-commerce resellers.

As soon as you have placed your order, our reseller will verify it and then your order will be processed. A custom registration key will be
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Note that there is a fully functional 30 day trial version of WYSIWYG Web Builder available.
We highly recommend that you try it before you buy it!  See also the refund policy.
Unfortunately it happens sometimes that the confirmation email of the order is blocked by the customer's SPAM filter. Here are a few tips to prevent this:
1) Disable your SPAM before ordering.
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What do I get?
By purchasing a license for WYSIWYG Web Builder, you will get:
A license for a single user which can be installed on 3 computers. The license may not be shared with other users.
A license allows you to create unlimited (commercial) projects and it is valid for unlimited time (for the version you bought).
The 'Built with WYSIWYG Web Builder' logo can be removed from your web pages.
Free updates and service packs for the version you bought. For example: if you bought version 14 then you will get all updates (14.1, 14.2 etc) for free until the next major new version/upgrade.
Discounts to major upgrades.
Access to many free extensions (200+). Commercial (paid) extensions are also available to add even more functionality.
Read and write access to the official WYSIWYG Web Builder forum. The forum can be used for support, questions and anything related to building your website with WYSIWYG Web Builder. Questions are generally answered within hours (by the developer and/or other experienced WYSIWG Web Builder users). Note you will need to create your own forum account.
Updates and new add-ons are released frequently. See the release notes:
Alternative payment options
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