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Snap Scroll

Snap Scroll enhances your one page scrolling website experience by providing snapping behavior as you scroll up or down the page. It also adds pagination dots with hover titles to the page for easy navigation and displaying the currently active section.
The pagination dots are fully customizable and can be positioned at the left or right side of the page (top/middle/bottom).
You can set the colors, size, spacing and shape. The style of the text can be set under the 'Style'.

Tip: to make the fully transparent, set the alpha value of the fill color to '0'.

In the padding properties, you can configure the padding around the pagination dots. This is mainly useful if you also give the menu a background.

In the margin properties, you can configure the offset from the edges of the page. For example, if the menu is horizontally aligned is to the left, then the left margin specifies the offset from the edge.

In the RWD properties, you can set a breakpoint. This makes it possible to disable the snap behavior for smaller screens.
This will also hide the pagination.
Unlike other navigation tools, where you link items to other pages, was this menu designed for creating bookmarks on the current page only where each dot links to another section (bookmark) of the page.