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Set Page Properties

The first thing you probably want to do is set some general page options. Select Page->Page Properties from the menu to show the Page Properties window. Here you can specify things like page title, background image/color, text colors and the page dimensions.

Title This title will be displayed in the title bar of the browser's window.
Menu Name This name will be used for the item names in navigationbars and menubars when 'Synchronize with Site Manager' is enabled.
Default Font/Size Specifies the default font style and size that will be used for text you enter in the page.
Page Width and Height Specify the workspace width and height of the page.
File extension Normally your web page will be published using the .html extension. In some cases it might be necessary to specify another extension like .php of .asp in case your page uses PHP os ASP.
Character Set The character set tells the browser how to interpret and display the characters on your webpage. Depending on the language of the text on the page it might be necessary to force the browser to another character set.
Center in browser Enabling this option will center the published page in the browser window.
Don't Publish this page
Enable this option if you don't want this page to be published if your select Publish Entire Web Site.
Don't Synchronize this page When this option is enabled the page will not appear in navigation objects which automatically synchronize with the Site Manager.
Background Image Specifies the optional background image.
Repeat Sets the tiling attributes for the background image.
Horizontal/Vertical Sets the position for the background image.
Background Color Specifies the color of the background
Link Colors Set default colors of hyperlinks.
Sound If you want to play a background sound when your page is displayed in the browser you can specify a background sound.
Author The author meta tag is used to indicate who the author of the web page is.
Keywords The keyword meta tag can be important when it comes to some search engines.
Description The description meta tag can be important when it comes to some search engines
Generator Typically the name of the application used to create the page.
Meta Tags
Microsoft Internet Explorer allows web designers to adjust the colors of the scrollbars to make them match with the rest of the page content. All you have to do is select the colors you like and WYSIWYG Web Builder will add the HTML code for you!
Page Transitions
Page transitions allow you to manage the page entry and page exit transitions of your web pages. These transitions will only work in Internet Explorer 4 and above. Other browsers are unaffected by these page transitions.a