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Change the color or style of a link

You can set the default link style for all links on a page in Page Properties -> Style.
It's also possible to set the style for each link indivdually through link styles. This allows you to specify whether a link should have a different color on mouse-over or remove the default underline style from the link.

Select Tools -> Style Manager -> Link Styles in the main menu to display the Link Style editor.
Click Add to add a new link style. You will need to give the style a name like 'black_url' or 'no_underline'.
Do not use spaces or other special characters. See also: Naming conventions

In HTML, a text link has 4 states:

Apply the style to a text link

After creating a link style you can apply it to a text link.

You can customize the formatting of the hyperlink by clicking on one of the states (Show style for).
To remove the underline from a link simply uncheck the box 'Underline' .
The shadow property specifies the text shadow of a link. Each state can have a different value, which makes it possible to create a 'glowing' effect. Transition This makes it possible to animate the link state change.
Highlight the text you want to link and click the Link button on the toolbar or press CTRL+K on your keyboard.
This will display the 'Edit Link' window.
Change the Style from the dropdown list to 'black_url'.

Important notes:
- You will need to publish or preview the page to view the effect
, WYSIWYG Web Builder will always show links in underlined blue.
- Do not use spaces or other special characters in the name of styles.