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Upgrade policy

Post by Pablo » Wed Jun 14, 2006 10:04 am

Updates (fixes/small new features) are free.
For example if you've purchased version 14.0 then the current version 14.1 (with many new features) is available free of charge for registered users.
The software is updated very frequently. Updates and extra features are being release almost every month (for free!).
To get an idea how frequently new versions are being released please see the release notes:

Upgrades (major new versions) are not free but can be purchased with a discount.
Once every 15-18 months we also release a complete new version (=upgrade) with many new features and enhancements.
(For example: version 14 has more than 200 new features and improvements compare to version 12.5)!
The upgrade price is usually 33% of the current sales price.

We do not force you to purchase an upgrade. Older versions will continue to work the way they did when you've purchased them.

If a new version will be released within 60 days after your purchase, you will get the upgrade free of charge.