geoPlugin Redirect extension released.

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geoPlugin Redirect extension released.

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Redirecting website visitors based on country using standard JavaScript is challenging due to limited access to precise geolocation information, cross-origin security policies, unreliable IP-based geolocation, asynchronous nature of geolocation APIs, and user privacy concerns. Server-side solutions are often preferred for more reliable and privacy-friendly implementations.

This extension uses the geoPlugin service ( to dynamically redirect website visitors based on their IP geolocation.
For instance, users from Spain can be directed to a dedicated Spanish website, while German users are redirected to a tailored German website, and so on.
You have the flexibility to configure distinct URLs for each country, allowing precise customization.


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You can also download the new extension via the Extension Manager: Tools -> Extension Manager -> Online Gallery -> Navigation

This (free) extension is from my private collection. It is provided "AS IS".
Please read the included documentation for help.