Blob Overlay Menu extension released (paid)

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Blob Overlay Menu extension released (paid)

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This extension implements an overlay menu that displays ellipse shaped menu items at a random position. The position of the items will be different each item the menu is opened. In addition, the menu items can also ‘blob’ in each other, like droplets of mercury on a surface. Also, known as the Goo-effect. Unlike most other menus (which use pixels), the sizes of this menu are in vmin units. This means that the sizes are relative to the size of the viewport. So, if the browser window is resized, then the menu will automatically scale.



More information:

The demo version can be downloaded via the Extension Manager (Menu->Tools->Extension Manager->Online Gallery->Navigation).

Note that this is a commercial extension, it is not free. The demo is fully functionality, however the properties will not be saved.

The price is $5.95 ... T=1&CARD=1