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Data Viewer - Version 1.5

Data Viewer can display data from CSV files, a MS Access database or MySQL tables.
The data will be displayed in a table which can be sorted and paginated by the user without the need to refresh the whole page!
The appearance of the table is very customizable and has several cool options like alternate row colors and sorted column highlighting.

Data can be loaded either from your computer (CSV or MS Access) or fetched from the server (CSV or MySQL). Local data will embedded into the page during publishing. To update the table after making modification to the data you must republish the page.
If you use one of the online data source then the data will always be up-to-date.

Key Features
Read data from CSV files (local or online), MS Access databases or MySQL.
Supports sorting and paging using jQuery/AJAX (without page refreshes).
Get column header titles from the data.
Alternate rows colors.
Sorted column highlighting.
Sort icons in header.
Many other styling options.
MySQL filter options.
Download (Last update: July 7, 2017)
Data Viewer Extension