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Frequently Asked Questions about WYSIWYG Web Builder
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Publish FAQ

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How do I publish my pages?
Please read this tutorial:

Can I publish to any web host?
Yes, you can publish your website to any web host that supports FTP.
If the host does not support FTP then you must first publish the website to a local folder and upload the generated files with your host's file manager.

How do I verify that my publish settings are ok?
Use the 'Test' button in the publish settings.
This command can help you determine if the specified host name, user name and password are correct.
It also verifies if your firewall allows the connection to the server. Note however that it does not verify if data can be transferred. You will have to test that by using the 'Explore' option.

What value do I use for the remote folder?
The remote folder is the root of your website. This location is usually determined by the web host. Common values are 'public_html', 'www', or 'html', but basically it can be anything.
Consult the documentation of your host for more details.

Alternatively you can try the following to determine the root:
1. In the publish settings select 'Explore', this will login to your website
2. Look for the file 'index.html', if it's not in the current folder and try other folder.
3. If you found the file, click 'Make Home'. WYSIWYG Web Builder now set the current folder as the root of the website.

Where are the publish settings saved?
The publish settings are saved in a separate file: publish.dat
You will normally find this file in the folder: Documents\WYSIWYG Web Builder\system\
However if you have configured a different system folder (Tools->Options->Files & Folders) then publish.dat will be in that folder!

Note: Each project usually has its own profile with a unique name/description. You can add a new profile in your publish settings with the 'New' button.
After you have created the profile you can set is as the default for the project with the 'Publish to' drop down menu. The next time you open the publish window the software will automatically will select the same profile.
So although you can share the same profile between multiple projects, you will usually have multiple profiles (with different names) that are used by different projects!

My publish settings are not saved, what is wrong?
This either means that 'publish.dat' is read-only or in a folder which cannot be accessed by the application.
Make sure the file has the right permissions.

When I do a local preview I can only see one page!
- Make sure 'Preview entire website' is enabled.

When I do a local preview I see PHP code at the start of the page.
- You cannot preview PHP pages in your browser. PHP pages must be publish to a web server.
But ... Web Builder has an option to remove all PHP code from the page for preview: Menu->Tools->Options->Publish & Preview->Remove PHP during preview'
Note however that this only works for the current page, becuase it would take a very long time to do this for all pages in the project!

Publish failed. What has happened?
- Are you sure your publishing setting are ok? Please double check your settings.
- Did you try 'test connection'? If you cannot connect there may be a problem with your firewall settings.
- Can you login to your website with the "Explore' option?
If 'Test' works but you cannot explore your website then this may be a problem in your firewall settings.
- Also try to enable or disable 'passive mode'.
- select a different ftp engine 'winsock' or wininet' (Tools->Options->Publish & Preview->FTP Engine)

Other common reasons for publishing failures:
- website space is full -> remove unneeded files from the server.
- there is a (temporary) problem with the host. Try again later or contact the host to report the problem.
- the files (images, mp3, video) are too large -> upload the file manually or reduce their size
- one or more file names are invalid. Names must contain only ASCII letters (a-z,A-Z), digits (0-9), underscore, dot and dash. Names should not start with a dot (.) dash (-) or number.
Related FAQ: ... f=10&t=131

Enable the publish log in Menu->Tools->Options->Publish and make note of the error message.
The log will be created the next time you publish! The publish log will be generated in your documents folder:
My Documents\WYSIWYG Web Builder\system\publish.log

Note that WYSIWYG Web Builder uses the standard Internet connection of Windows (the same on used by Internet Explorer).
For a list of all possible error codes and their descriptions go here: ... -US;193625

Internet Exception Error 12029: A connection with the server could not be established
Make sure the host name is correct. A common mistake is that users enter the www address ( instead of the ftp address (

Internet Exception Error 12014: The password was not allowed.
Make sure the user/password combination is correct. Note that this is a response from the server. Web builder does not verify the password!
If the password previously did work then usually the webhost has changed the password on their side. This is very common!

What is the difference between Active FTP (PORT mode) and Passive FTP?
If you use a firewall/router then normally passive mode should be enabled.
For more technical explanation please visit:

All of a sudden publishing no longer works, and I did not change anything!(
If you did not change anything in your configuration then this is most likely caused by a (temporary) problem on the server.
Try again later or contact the host to report the problem.
Or maybe you have updated your firewall or virus scanner? In that case make sure Web Builder still can make use of your Internet Connection.

Note that web hosts usually at first deny that it has anything to do with them and they will blame the software.
However if you did not change anything yourself then the chance is 99.99% that it is a host related issue.
In the last 5 years there has only been one incident that was caused by WWB. And even then it was related to an error in a Microsoft update.

Publish was successful but I do not see the pages on my website.
- Did you publish the pages to the correct folder on the server? Are you sure? The number one reason for pages not showing up is because the files were published to the wrong folder.
- Did you make sure your home page is called 'index' (and not 'Index', 'INDEX', 'home' etc)
- Is your host account ok? Did you check if there are problems with the host?
- If you website doesn't look to be updated, select 'Refresh' in your browser multiple times or clear the browser cache.

The publish was successful but I still see my old pages.
- Did you publish the pages to the correct folder on the server?
- Did you use the same page names?
- Note that name are case sensitive so 'index' is not the same 'Index'
- If you renamed the file extensions of the page (for example from .html to .php) then you must remove the old page from the server.
- Maybe the browser displaying a cached version of the old page? Select 'Refresh' in your browser multiple times or clear the cache of the browser and also try another browser/computer.

The page looks different than in local preview
First keep in mind that there is no difference between the HTML generated for local preview and a published page on the server.
So in general the pages should be exactly the same, if not then please check the following:
- Did you publish all files?
- Did you publish all files to the correct location?
- Are you sure you are not looking at a cached version of the page?
- Is there a conflict with other pages in the same folder? Perhaps you've used the same image names for different images?

What to do if publishing times out?
If the transfer takes a long time then you've probably used (very) large images or other large files.
More details: ... php?t=1918

Try to increase the connection timeout to 120 seconds or longer (Menu->Tools->Options->Publish)

If your project is very large and 'Make backup of the project on the server' is enabled (In Menu->Tools->Options->Miscellaneous) then the backup may fail.
In this case disable the auto backup and backup the file manually.

Publishing takes a very long time
- If the transfer takes a long time then you've probably used large images, videos, pdfs or other large files.
- Perhaps 'Make backup of the project on the server' is enabled? (In Menu->Tools->Options->Miscellaneous). Projects can become very large over time.
- If the option 'generate search index' is enabled then it may take a couple of minutes to generated this index depending on the amount of text your website contains.
Even if you only publish one file this option will still generate an update index for the entire website. Note that you can (temporary) disable the creation of the search index in the publish settings (check 'Do not generate Search Index')
- Other possible reason for slow publishing: slow internet connection, another application is 'eating up' the bandwidth of your Internet connection or there is a problems on the host.

Why aren't my images displayed on a published page?
Please read this: ... =10&t=3748

Why do shapes and png images look bad in IE 6?
Please read this: ... 10&t=19645

How to prevent text from overlapping on FireFox/Safari? ... 10&t=34318

How do I make a backup of my project file on the server?
Enabled 'Make backup of the project on the server' (In Menu->Tools->Options->Miscellaneous).
This will automatically upload the project file to the server each time you publish your website.
Note that if your project file is large then this may increase the overall publish time.

How do I remove pages from my website?
In the publish settings select 'Explore'. After you have been connected to the server you can upload, download and remove files and folders.
Alternative you can log in using another tool like the FTP manager add on, FTP Wanderer or another FTP client.

FTP Manager add-on:
FTP Wanderer (free tool from the makers of WYSIWYG Web Builder): ... r_3_0.html
Smart FTP:

Does WYSIWYG Web Builder support SFTP or FTPS?
There is no built-in support for SFTP/FTPS. However the Secure FTP extension adds the ability to publish web sites using Secure FTP and FTPS:
Alternatively you can publish your website to a local folder and then use an external tool to upload the site to your website.
See also:

PHP code is showing on the page.
- Is the page extension set to PHP (in Page Properties)?
- Are you viewing the page in local preview? PHP does not work in preview. The page must be published to a web server.
- Does your website support PHP? Is it enabled? Contact your webhost for more details.

How do I view or copy the publish log?
Before publishing enable the publish log in Tools->Options->Publish & Preview.
The log will be created the next time you publish. The publish log will be generated in your documents folder:
My Documents\WYSIWYG Web Builder\system\publish.log
You can also click the 'View Log' button in Tools->Options->Publish & Preview!
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Re: Publish FAQ

Post by Pablo »

I've upgraded to Win8.1/IE11 now publishing no longer works!
Please read this related FAQ topic: ... 10&t=58619
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Re: Publish FAQ

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When I publish my website with WB11, internal links no longer work.
Maybe you have enabled 'Hide file extensions for internal links' in Tools->Options->Publish & Preview?
Please read the help for more information about this feature before using it!
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Re: Publish FAQ

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For help related to publishing please post your message in this dedicated section of the forum:
Make sure you include the following information
- publish log / error messages
- did it work previously with the same settings? Did you change something else in your system?
- what is the URL of the page?
- what are your settings?
Try to be as specific as possible so you can help you in the most efficient way.