Why do I need to resize/optimize online images?

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Why do I need to resize/optimize online images?

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Depending on the quality and settings of your digital camera, your photos could be very large, in terms of both screen size and file size. However big images don't look great on a web page, especially if your visitors's browser is set to a low resolution.
There's also the problem of finite web space and bandwith. While broadband is becoming more widespread, it's still not a good idea to assume that all your visitors are using it. Some webhosts the amount of data transferred to and from a website too, and if your pictures are unnecessarily large then each time someone views one it'll eat into your bandwidth allowance.
So it's a good idea to resize your images to more manageable dimensions.
You can resize pictures in any image-editing program, like Adobe Photoshop., Paint Shop Pro or the free Paint.NET (http://www.getpaint.net/index.html)

In general you should make your images a big as you display them on your website. So for example if the size of the image in your page is 100x100. You should resize the used image to this size.

WYSIWYG Web Builder has a feature called Resample. Which resamples the image to the current size in in the workspace. A (smaller) copy of the image (using a different name) will be published to your website.
Note that this will not make the original image smaller!
Also resample does not work in combination with 'crop'