WYSIWYG Web Builder 6.0 released!

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WYSIWYG Web Builder 6.0 released!

Post by Pablo » Fri Mar 27, 2009 10:44 am

WYSIWYG Web Builder 6.0 is a major upgrade with more than 60 new features and improvements!

What's new in WYSIWYG Web Builder 6.0?
- Improved: Redesigned internal link management, resulting in a major speed improvement in Site Manager operations.
- Improved: Added 'Verify connectivity with activation server' option in the activation window.
- Improved: Rulers have a more modern look.
- Improved: Color values are now displayed in HEX format instead of RGB
- Improved: Redesigned option window for easier access to the settings.
- Improved: A warning will be displayed if you directly try to open a HTML page.
- New feature: 'Preload images used by javascripts' option in Options. Enabling this option will preload all images of a pages used by the javascript (like the navigationbar) when the page is loaded.
- New feature: Gradient Style Manager to add/edit and remove global (multi color) gradients effects.
- New feature: Web Builder can now copy all assets to a sub folder of the project automatically, this will make keeping track of all files used by the project much easier.
- New feature: Added 'Check for updates online' option.
- New feature: New objects can now be inserted via the Page context menu 'Insert...'

Page features:
- Improved: Redesigned page properties to get a better overview of the available options.
- New feature: Added support for XHTML!
- New feature: New DocType property in Page Properties (selects between HTML or XHTML output).
- New feature: Styles Manager, a central place to update the styles of multiple objects.
- New feature: Header style support to text (h1, H2, H3 etc)!
- New feature: Predefined target screen sizes in Page Properties
- New feature: Categories meta tags in Page Properties. Also used by the SiteTree object to categorize pages.
- New feature: Redirect in Page Properties (refresh meta tag). This properties redirect the user to another page after a specific delay.
- New feature: Page background gradient color
- New feature: Create a new page based on a template. Pick any page from a template and insert it into the curren project.

- Improved: Redesigned the menubar properties window, for improved property management.
- Improved: Menubar themes now use user defined font and size.
- Improved: Menubar themes now are rendered in th designer too.
- New feature: Added Text alignment to menubar
- New feature: Added support button images to the menubar (to create a navigationbar with dropdown menus!)
- New feature: Support for Theme Studio menubar themes. Now you can easily create new menbar styles with this great tool!
- New feature: Added many new menubar themes.

- Improved: Shape object now uses Gdiplus and supports pattern and glass effects even when anti-alias is off.
- Improved: Rewitten Color quantizer for gdiplus.
- Improved: During resizing of shape only the outline is drawn for better performance.
- Improved: New shape selection menu for easier shape selection (shape preview).
- New feature: New shape type: round corner, a rectangle with rounded corners whihc can be enable indivually.
- New feature: 30+ new shapes! crowns, alternating star, blockstars and many more!
- New feature: Solid shadow style to shape.
- New feature: Bevel effect for shape objects. A cool 3d effect!
- New feature: Added support for multi color gradients.
- New feature: New Borderstyle: outline, multi color borders.

- Improved: Redesigned Ready-To-Use-JavaScript property window. Properties now also available in Property Inspector.

- New feature: Border styles (Solid, Dotted, Dashed, Double, Ridge, Groove, Inset, Outset)
- New feature: Table insert window now has style options, to quickly setup the style of a new table.

Master Pages:
- New feature: Master pages can now be used across different folders. The master page does no longer have to be in the same folder as the pages that are using it.

- New feature: Text, Form Controls can now use pre defined styles.
- New feature: Border styles (Dotted, Dashed, to most standard HTML objects (Form Controls, Images, Marquee, Tables)
- New feature: Captcha object for (PHP) forms. An attempt to stop spammers from submitting form data.
- New feature: Added the ability to write form data to a (csv) file.
- New feature: Added 'Create data file wizard' to quickly create an empty csv data file, without the need of an external FTP client.
- New feature: Adde the ability to upload files to a folder on the server (instead of sending them via email)

- New feature: Border styles (Solid, Dotted, Dashed, Double, Ridge, Groove, Inset, Outset)
- New feature: Added support for predefined style!

- New feature: Border styles (Solid, Dotted, Dashed, Double, Ridge, Groove, Inset, Outset)
- New feature: Added support for predefined style!
- New feature: Copy/paste images directly from another application (PhotoShop, PaintShopPro, IE, FireFox etc) onto the page!
- New feature: Copy/paste images and shapes from Web Builder to another application!
- New feature: Frames for images.

- New feature: Added Bookmark support to Navigationbar, Menubar, TextMenu, SlideMenu, TabMenu, GoMenu, ImageMap and SlideShow.

- New feature: Added support for the latest (orange) PayPal button image + improved image selection.
- New feature: PayPal option fields, easily add combobox of editbox fileds to your paypal webshop.

RSS Feed:
- New feature: Encoding property to RSS Feed

- New feature: Added 'Slide' effect.

- New feature: Support for swfscript in Flash object. This make the flash object W3C compliant. Can be enabled/disabled per Flash object.
- New feature: Support for Flash variables.
- New feature: Added 'AllowScriptAccess' property.

- New feature: Navigationbar button colorize property. Change the color of a button to almost any color. Now you have hundreds additional color variations to choose from!

- New feature: Built-in FTP Client to manage your online files. The 'Explore' button in publish settings give you access to your published files.

Drawing Tools (Polygon, Closed Curve)
- New feature: New MultiColor gradient effect.

- Improved: Increase the extension limit from 50 to 99.
- New feature: Extension Manager! Now you can download, install, update and uninstall extensions from within the software!
- New feature: Assets manager now also works on extensions.

- New feature: ClipArt, it uses dingbat fonts for vector shapes. It has all the features of shapes, but now you can add almost any type of shape!

- New feature: SiteTree, display an overview of your website (SiteMap) in 3 possible styles: Alphabetic, by category or in a treeview!

Text Art:
- New feature: Text Art, create amazing logos, banners or headers. With several fill effects, warp effects, circled text, shadow, bevel, multiple lines, rotating.......

Login System/Page Password Protection:
- New feature: WYSIWYG Web Builder now has a built-in (PHP) login system. Create a login system without any programming.
- 7 new objects:
*** Signup - Allow users to signup for your protected pages
*** Admin - Create, Edit or remove users.
*** Change password - Allows the users to change their password.
*** Protect Page - Add this to a page you want to protect.
*** Login - Login form
*** Logout - Logout
*** Password recovery - Resend the password, in case the user forgot it.
*** No database required.
*** Predefined forms for login, signup, admin, password recovery, with lots of customize options.

You Tube:
- New feature: Added support for YouTube videos.

More details here:

Where can I download WYSIWYG Web Builder 6.0?

How can I buy WYSIWYG Web Builder 6.0?

How can I upgrade from a previous version?

If you've purchased your license after January 1, 2009 then you can request your new (free) serial number here:

Have fun with this new version!
I'm sure there will be minor issues in the first few days, but we will try to fix these a.s.a.p.

Thank you for supporting WYSIWYG Web Builder,