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WYSIWYG Web Builder Merchandise

Posted: Sun Feb 25, 2024 6:22 pm
by Pablo
After receiving a few requests for WYSIWYG Web Builder merchandise from our forum users, we're excited to announce our partnership with Spring to provide a range of "Print-On-Demand" items.
With this collaboration, payments and shipping of the orders are handled by Spring.

Spring (previously known as Teespring) is a print-on-demand service that's considered to be the leading social commerce platform for creating and selling custom products online. All products are made on-demand, so there are no upfront costs or risks involved as a seller.


WYSIWYG Web Builder Merchandise

Posted: Sun Feb 25, 2024 6:24 pm
by Pablo
Do you want to sell your own merchandise?

It's simpler than you think!
Set up an account at and start selling in minutes!
Spring offers a user-friendly platform that's completely free to use. You have full control over your pricing, keeping 100% of the profits. For instance, if the base cost for a t-shirt is $10 and you decide to sell it for $24, you'll pocket $14 in profit.

Integrating your merchandise store into your WYSIWYG Web Builder website is effortless. Just copy the 'PopUpShop' embedded code into an HTML object or use an Inline Frame.

Step 1
Login to the Spring Dashboard and go to Integrations - > PopUpShop


Step 2
Set the title and select the number of products you want to show.

Step 3
Click 'Publish'

The embedded code will look somethig like this:

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<iframe style="border-radius:24px" src="" title="My widget Merch store powered by Spring" width="320" height="420" data-reactroot="">
Basically you can copy/paste this code into an HTML object and it will work.
However, in that case the widget will not be resizable or responsive.
So, instead we will use Web builder's Inline Frame object.

Step 4
In WYSIWYG Web Builder, Insert an Inline Frame object.
Copy the URL from the embedded code to the URL field of the inline frame properties:

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Note: make sure you only copy the URL and not the quotes or any other attributes!

There are several alternative "print on demand" services.
For example:
Although some of them are a little bit more difficult to set up.