WYSIWYG Web Builder 15.3 update!

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*** Current version: WYSIWYG Web Builder 15.4.3 ***
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WYSIWYG Web Builder 15.3 update!

Post by Pablo » Fri Feb 14, 2020 10:34 am

WYSIWYG Web Builder 15.3 is a major update. This version fixes known problems, adds new features and other improvements.

What's new in 15.3?
- Fixed: Issue with background image in panel layer set to floating.
- Improved: CSS Menu item stretching.
- Improved: Minor changes in the logic of 'not equal to (choice)' in Conditions.
- Improved: Retain Publish window size between sessions.
- Improved: Padding of input fields with Bootstrap validation in breakpoints.
- Improved: Added support for using Toasts on master pages.
- Improved: Added 'Delete' command to Object Manager's context menu.
- Improved: Global Replace can now change text in the Menu Name (Properties->General)
- Improved: Implemented Direct2D rendering in Mobile Theme Manager.
- Improved: Updated News Feed Ticker Facebook script to latest API version.
- Improved: For fancyboxv3, the lightbox.ini will now be loaded from the system folder.
- Improved: When using the CMS View in a layout grid/flexbox and overflow is set to 'none', the height will be automatic based on the content.
- Improved: WWB editor for CMS is now flexible.
- Improved: All CMS plugins input fields have been redesigned to be full width (100%) for responsive layouts.
- Improved: reCAPTCHA v1 in CMS plugins has been replaced with reCAPTCHA v2.
- Improved: optimized HTML output of text object for <p> output format (fewer color attributes).
- Improved: Spinner arrow functionality in layout grid.
- Improved: Implemented responsive height for Progressbar.
- Improved: Implemented responsive margin for Accordion, Datepicker, Dialog, Spinner, Slider, Tabs and Themable button.
- New feature: Added 'Auto complete' property to 'Text Area' and 'Combobox'.
- New feature: Added 'Full width' property to Spinner and Slider. For use with layout grids.
- New feature: Added 'Enable Responsive Fonts' option to CMS View. This makes the default font size, font-family and text color responsive.
- New feature: Added 'space-evenly' option to 'Justify Content' in flex container and flex grid. Distribute items evenly. Items have equal space around them.
- Upgraded to PHP Mailer version 6.1.4 with the latest security patches.

How to update from previous 15.x versions?
1. Download the latest version here:
2. If you already have version 15.x you can install it in the same location as the previous version.

Advanced users can also download the updated files only here (no installer):
32bit: http://www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com/wb15update.zip
64bit: http://www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com/wb15x64update.zip