It's WYSIWYG Web Builder, but not as we know it...

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It's WYSIWYG Web Builder, but not as we know it...

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We often receive inquiries about simplifying WYSIWYG Web Builder, asking for a more streamlined experience. Today, we're unveiling a new (experimental) iteration of WYSIWYG Web Builder tailored to address these requests.

This version is aimed at new users (or existing users) that just want to quickly create a website, without the need to have full control over the layout.
It may also be beneficial for newcomers to get familiar with the user interface, before transitioning to the regular version.


Blocks only
The main difference with the regular version is that you work exclusively with blocks instead of individual objects.
Consequently, there's no object toolbox or insert menu to navigate. You're limited to inserting blocks, rather than individual objects, and the available options have been condensed for a more straightforward workflow.
You cannot drag & drop, insert, delete or copy/paste individual objects (to maintain layout integrity). But you can edit the properties of objects, just like in the regular version. Also, objects can be hidden.
Blocks can be inserted, removed, copy/pasted and re-arranged.

Compatible with WWB projects
Projects are fully compatible with the regular version of WWB, so you can always load the project in WWB, make changes and then reload it in this version.

- The software is in the early stages of development, it does not even have an official name. For now, it's named "Pablo’s Web Builder".
- Although this version supports extensions, you currently cannot directly insert them. Objects (and extensions) can only be inserted if they are part of a block.
- In the future, more (third party) blocks may be needed to make this more useful, but the current blocks collection should be a good start.
- The software uses the same files, folders and settings as the regular version. However, it will be installed in a different folder, so you can remove it without affecting the regular version.

This release is an experiment. Depending on feedback there may or may not be an official release.

(there is NO virus in the software!)

Please let me know what you think?