Websites for my wife...

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Websites for my wife...

Post by Rob »

Been working with WB since V 9 in 2013. Still love it.

I don't normally post my work on here (scared of negative feedback) but thought I'd share 3 redesigned websites I did for my wife and her ventures...

Primary business - - last done in 2019
Side venture - - last done in 2019 (this time I added a SquareUp store)
New venture - - not ready to promote just yet.

She still wants to make some small changes and update the info, but said I can post it here.

My site is (was
Forced to do a name change 2 years ago due someone with a similar name to mind partaking in unethical marketing habit. Long story.


Otherwise, I have 3 sites done since 1st of year (not ready to post) and 1 more pending approval and 1 or 2 prospects to chase. Busy is good, paid busy is better.

#WP-Still-Stinks - #WYSIWYG-Still-Rules :D
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Re: Websites for my wife...

Post by Bluesman »

Very nice work Rob. Congratz.
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Re: Websites for my wife...

Post by onlye »

No reason for Bob to be shy about sharing. He does some really nice work.
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Re: Websites for my wife...

Post by wwonderfull »

The color scheme and the font size along with font-family is perfect. One of the sites I would surely praise for that specific reason.
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Re: Websites for my wife...

Post by USDefaultAhead »

Good looking site the website guy one thing though why would you not convert the JPG pics to WEBP that is built into WWB as WEBP will reduce the file size to about 30 to 35% of the jpg allowing faster page load times and higher SEO rankings. Or your still in the process.
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