geoPlugin PayPal extension released.

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geoPlugin PayPal extension released.

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This is an experimental extension that uses the geoPlugin service ( to update the currency and prices of PayPal buttons and PayPal eCommerce events on the page based on the IP geolocation of the visitor.

The extension is designed to identify key PayPal input fields, namely 'currency_code,' 'amount,' 'shipping,' and 'handling,' on the page. It uses the geoPlugin service to determine the currency code corresponding to the user's current location, and updates all prices on the page using geoPlugin's currency converter.


More information

WYSIWYG Web Builder 19

You can also download the new extension via the Extension Manager: Tools -> Extension Manager -> Online Gallery -> Ecommerce

This (free) extension is from my private collection. It is provided "AS IS".
Please read the included documentation for help.