WB17 with php howto

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WB17 with php howto

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Dear ,
for who like to test this ..WB17 with php howto

tested on WIN11 , hostfree , raspberry pi

create folder C:\W17\W17_B4 + make sure that flipclock extension is loaded + use PHP version 8
on unix/linux make sure that files are readable/executable

the pdf is inside the zip file that has some more information

link to download the code :

https://www.mediafire.com/file/062zdyg7 ... 7.ZIP/file

you can change any object color/textsize/rounded whatever ...sonos player , carousel => you can add/remove/change
left click shows an menu using WB17 , see below what is included
foreach(explode(" ","incl_functions.php incl_javascript.php incl_mysqli.php bootstrap_513.css bootstrap_513.js toastr.css toastr.js sweetalert.min.js datatables.min.js datatables.min.css") as $my_include)

found howto integrate php code inside the used menus , reuse objects from other pages
be aware when using it it won't run at first sight , i can help on this
Best regards ,
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