Layout Grid - What am I missing?

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Layout Grid - What am I missing?

Post by ShawnInPaso » Sun Dec 16, 2018 11:20 pm


First time posting, but long time user of WYSIWYG (had an older version but just upgraded to the most recent version).

I'm having trouble with the use of layout grids. I've spent hours reading posts here, watching videos and looking at the help info, still no joy.

From the "layout" menu, I have inserted page header at the top of my page and place an image inside of it (so far, so good).

Then, I placed a layout grid below the header, using the default settings. Inside the grid I placed a 'responsive menu'.

Below the menu I placed another layout grid and placed a text box inside of it (with text of course).

The page looks fine, but when I preview it in my local (Chrome) browser, the menu and text snap to the top of the page? I've tried adjusting various settings, tried some of the tricks noted on the forum and so on, but can't seem to remedy the issue. Clearly I'm missing something obvious, the video tutorials I've watched make it seem so easy (drag header into place, drag layout grid next and so on).

Any pointers greatly appreciated and forgive me if I missed a similar thread here on the same subject.

Thank you,


PS. The page hasn't been published to the web yet because it will replace a site already in place.

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Re: Layout Grid - What am I missing?

Post by crispy68 » Sun Dec 16, 2018 11:33 pm

The issue is a Page Header is fixed at the top and not part of the layout. Layout grids are floating and start at the top. There are 2 simple ways to fix the issue:

1. Right click on the layout grid that is to be just below the header, select margin and add top margin equal to the height of your page header.

2. Add a floating layer that is the same height of your page header before your layout grids. This layer will be behind the page header but will give you the space you need. Make sure to 'lock' this floating layer to make sure no other objects become part of it.

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FIXED Re: Layout Grid - What am I missing?

Post by ShawnInPaso » Mon Dec 17, 2018 12:03 am

Thank you Crispy, that fixed the issue.

I'm embarrassed how much time I spent trying to figure it out (shouldn't be up past 1AM doing web building I guess :). I'll have to read up on the purpose for a 'header' if putting my content at the top of the page in a fixed grid serves the same purpose?

Anyway, always learning and loving the new WYSUWYG tools and features.

Much appreciated -

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