Magic Animation (Paid)

In this section you can announce self-made paid extensions.
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Magic Animation (Paid)

Post by spoon » Wed May 02, 2018 5:04 am

Magic animation contains 20 kinds of effects with a circle pattern and 14 effects with a SQUARE figure.
Each effect has a certain number of Animations from 2 to 4.
For example: the figure Circle-Effect 2 (Hover effect 2) -contains 4 types of Animation: left_to_right; right_to_left; bottom_to_top; top_to_bottom.
If at some point,
then the form of the effect Animation is not prescribed, so the animation does not choose (see photo1).
The Font and Paragraph font uses the adaptation on breakpoints with the css gateway settings (see photo2),
the font settings do not depend on the breakpoints set in the WWB, the extension settings are not dependent on WWB settings.
In the Title font style settings, you set the font size to 24px-this header size will be used before the breakpoint;
- In the font adaptation (in the extension), set the minimum and maximum sizes of @media (for example: min-width: 320px, max-width: 959px) -
up to the point 959px the font size set in the Header settings will be used;
- The Header Coefficient (Paragraph) sets the max / min font size from point 959 to 320px, and the font changes its sizes smoothly on each screen width, which does not require additional points.
The second version of the extension uses a script to adapt the font depending on the width of the block and does not depend on breakpoints.
You specify the max / min width of the extension (photoanimation) and max / min font.
Depending on the width of the extension, the title and paragraph font is changed.
Magic Animation

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Re: Magic Animation (Paid)

Post by pajadt » Wed May 02, 2018 3:27 pm

Hi Spoon
1. i have question is your extension work in layout grid, becuase i do same extension, but have problem not work in grid, i not do something ok so if can give advice, not problem to buy your extesnion, because is in trend design
2. Why i not registrer in your forum WWB po ruski / I try many times but not have succes
3. I like to contact me if like i have shared more ideas and other stuff / you can with FB or email, as i say if liked

Thank You

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