[rz] Stretch Layer

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[rz] Stretch Layer

Post by [RZ] » Thu Jan 29, 2015 11:54 am

[rz] Stretch Layer v1.0

This lightweight extension allows to smartly stretch layers from and to specific sides.

Some features:

- Multi-directional layer resize.
- Multi-instance.
- Multiple layers selection allows to handle layers with the same setting.
- Enhanced box-model handling.
- Custom margins.
- Custom layer position relative to the page objects stack.
- Automatic layer content relocation (optional).
- Maximum backward, cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility.
- Really lightweight, no dependencies, no jQuery.

...and more!

HTML 4.01 Transitional
W3C compliant


How to use?

1. Design your layers with their elements as you usually do.
2. Drag and drop all the extension instances you need.
3. Open the properties dialog and enter the layers names.
4. Setup the stretch direction.
5. Preview or publish.


* Resize your browser to see it in action!

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