CMS Plus. WYSIWYG not less than joomla or wordpress

In this section you can announce self-made paid extensions.
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CMS Plus. WYSIWYG not less than joomla or wordpress

Post by kuasarx » Sun Jun 17, 2012 9:19 pm

I was at one day wondering...
Would be posible make a Better CMS system better than the built-in ?

I have the honor to present the first CMS extensions with professional skills, and integration of categories, for you can build web sites that have nothing to fear Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress.

It is an extension group, composed initially of 4 extensions that will gradually be adding some more, that will make your WYSIWYG tool Webbuilder superpower to develop dynamic web sites and based on php - mysql without that you have to schedule a single line of php.
extensions are designed to be compatible with the wiew CMS, CMS search, CMS and CMS Menu Label that are integrated into WysiwygWebbuilder.

Give it a Try
Pass: cmsshop

or take a lool at a Webshop example usng the extensions!!

Or my own webshop made ith this extensions

Or a News Web Page make with this extensions!

1º - CMS Plus Admin Extension. "Rewritten from scratch"

the function of this extension, is to expand the capabilities and potential applications of content management system original WYSIWYG web builder.

The CMS Plus Administrator object allows you to add, edit or remove pages, articles, or posts.
* - Has been set CKEditor as default html editor, is the only one that can be used. all needed files to their proper use are already included in the extension, and will be installed automatically.

* - Complete rewriten Pages Manager:
**- Manager code has been rewritten and optimized for better integration with the improvements.
** - Have been added display of categories for each page.
**- It has integrated the "Ajax File And Image Manager" within the system, for greater usability and comfort when managing files and images online. Asset The (online) folder where new files will be uploaded to is ./files
The folder will be created automatically, and automatically assign permissions 777.


* - Complete rewriten Pages Creator / Editor:

* - Has been set CKEditor as default html editor, is the only one that can be used. all needed files to their proper use are already included in the extension, and will be installed automatically.
Youtube Plugin
Google Maps Plugin
KCFinder included, integrated and fully funtional as file manager for CKEditor.

This is the new interface.
Description of the interface:
Name & Content & Categorys
*** - Name: Name of the page to which you want to identify it.
*** - Categorys: Select the category you want to assign to the site. The Categorys are chained, starting with Father Category, Sub Category, and the final category or child category.
The categories must be previously created in the administrator category which we will describe later.
Select the category father, and immediately press Ok, the Subcategories automatically appear coincident, and so on.
*** - Content: This is the publisher of main content. esciba and insert text, photos, flash, maps, youtube videos, tables etc ... CKEditor with WYSIWYG.

Image for the Listings.

*** - Picture: Insert the URL of the image you want to appear in the listings, or Select one of the existing images you have previously uploaded to the server to the folder ". / Files / Images". To increase speed and avoid overloading the server, the CMS Plus, automatically generate thumbnails of existing images.
Extra Data:


in these fields you must enter extra data item, as well as data for the optimization for search engines. Are well described in the administrator himself.

After entering all data correctly, proceed to send the page to CMS System Plus.
For this and for greater security when sending the page to the system, you must check the box YES, mind and subsequent press the OK button.
If the page was saved successfully, you will return to the administrator of pages and see this message:

* - NEW Categorys Manager:

This innovative tool for CMS Plus, it allows the creation and subsequent management of parent categories, subcategories, and child categories.
The operation is very simple.
Enter the name of the parent category where applicable, the Subcategory, and the child also in the corresponding category posts. and click save.
To add a subcategory, or a child's parent category to a category exists, is very easy, just type the name of the parent category to which you add the subcategory or category son.
These categories, will be displayed automatically in the editor / creator of pages.

Starting with CMS Plus Admin WYSIWYG extension.
if you have experience with WYSIWYG CMS default, the configuration of CMSAdmin Plus, will be very easy for you.
Once we installed the extension in our WYSIWYG, the panel will look at the extensions and the insert on page intended to serve as administration of Articles, posts, ... and begin the configuration, which is almost identical to the configuration of the default CMS WYSIWYG-Webbuilder.
The extension must be configured as follows:
Admin Username:
Specifies the administrator's username. we recomend leave like it is..
Specifies the administrator's password.
The administrator has access to all pages and settings of the CMS.
Specifies the MySQL database name. Either your host created (and named) the database for you or you will have to create a new database yourself in your host's Control Panel. See the documentation of your website for more details.
Specifies the MySQL password.
Specifies the MySQL database server. Some web hosts use 'localhost' while others have a dedicated database server. Consult the documentation of your host for the exact server name.
Specifies the MySQL table name prefix. The default value is 'CMS_', which means that all table names begin with CMS_. The required tables will be automatically created in the specified database the first time you login in as administrator.
Specifies the MySQL username.

2º - The Listings Extension.

the function of this extension, is to expand the capabilities and potential applications of content management system original WYSIWYG web builder.
The CMS Plus listings object allows you to display listings of your articles, i a lot of diferent ways.
You can:
* Show products by one category, or chain categorys, so you can be more especific with the items to be show. for example. if you have articles that have a main categori, like computers, then you can select olso a sub categrory, like Laptops, and you can chose one category more to be filtered, like screen size...
* you can choose the size of the image displayed in the listings.
* you can activate the pagination, and it will automaticly create a pagination for you.
* you can choose, the number of items to be show.
*you can choose the order of the items, sorting theb by price, id, name, last modification, date of creation, categorys...
* social sharing tools are already integrated in the listings, so yourproducts can be shared in the social networks from your listings.

3º CMS Plus Integration Extension

This extension works together with the CMS View from WYSIWYG Web Builder.
With this extension, you no have to make a form for every Item in your shop
it do everything automatic!
The extension Provides :
*Integration with the Shopping Cart.
*Integration with Open Graph, for a better Social sharing.
*Some moore cool features.

4º CMS Plus Slider Extension.
Every Shop has to have a good look, so i have created this extension, that will generate a cool slider, based on s3Slider showing images, descriptions and links.
You can choose a lot of parameters, and also select categorys, order them, select how many items will be show....
and dont worry for the diferent image sices, it resices them.

And more extensions are cooming, like a search extension etc...
IF you are interested, in buying this templete, let you know first, that the extensions are included, and olso you will be able to download every new extension that comes for this CMS PLUS.

You can Buy them at

Feel free to make questions!!

Web Design , CMS Systems & e-commerce for WYSIWYG 9

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