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My SQL Google Geo Chart extention

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 4:09 am
by Umesh1710

How to use?
Using My SQL GOOGLE GEO Chart extension you can analyze specific data from your My SQL Database on webpage.
You need to just set properties of extension.
Set your page property as .php to use this extension.
Using this extension you can build dynamic dash board.
As Google Chart library rendering the chart scripts online you need to set your net on.

How to set your extension property
Data Connection (MY SQL DATABASE)
• Server>>enter your server name
• User>>enter specific user name
• Password>>enter password
• Database>>Enter My SQL database name
• Table>>enter My SQL database table name
• Field1>>enter field name of table
• Field2>>enter field name of table (Data should be country)

• Color>>Select Color
• Width>>Set width of chart
• Height>>Set height of chart

This extension is based on google chart library and any of Wysiwyg web builder registered user can use free of cost for personal or commercial purpose.
More info:
Extension Created
Download Link. ... sp=sharing