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How to set 'other' field in "Text Data Type" of "Validate" tab for validations of 'Editbox' or 'TextArea' component

Posted: Mon Apr 12, 2021 3:05 pm
by sashtapu
Hi All,

After an long time I bring you solution related to Validation field for "other" category of "Validate" tab inside 'Editbox' or 'TextArea' component

If you want to set special characters inside 'other' filed validations you can use upto "30" special characters only inside it
and if you insert more characters inside that field then validation fails and all of your validations will not work.

Suppose use can use : !@#$%^&*-_|()+={}[]|\:;"'<,>.? these are 30 characters in total, just copy past as it is inside "other" field
and if you use further more character then that validation will fail.

Hope, this information helps you all

Until next time..
Shubham Ashtaputre...

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