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TIP: Pushing Footer Down - Using HTML tool with Master Page / Frame

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 2:59 pm
by mhinnc
- A Master Page, having (in order) a 'floating' Page Header, a Content Place Holder, and a 'floating' Page Footer.
- "Page 2" has Page Properties>Maintenance 'pointing' to the Master Page. An "<> HTML" tool is placed on it near the top. In the <> HTML tool is a <table> with 20+ rows, each with a height of about 200px.

The problem was the footer of the Master Page wasn't "pushing down" when previewing Page 2.

A solution is to change the HTML tool's property "Type" to "Do not use <div>". This allows the Page 2 to properly display the footer below the table contents when previewing.

Hope this helps someone. If there is a better solution please share. Thanks!