How to fix startup problems?

Frequently Asked Questions about WYSIWYG Web Builder
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How to fix startup problems?

Post by Pablo » Mon Mar 14, 2016 8:45 am

If WYSIWYG Web Builder does not start then you can try the following:

1. First make sure you have the latest build. If there are any known problems then they usually will be fixed as soon as possible.
Note that we do not always update the version number for hot fixes. But the build date will always be updated if there is a new build.

2. Sometimes WYSIWYG Web Builder is accidentally detected as false positive by some virus scanners. So make sure your firewall or virus scanner is not blocking the application.
The quickest way to solve this is by adding 'webbuilder.exe' to the safe list of your anti virus software.
Note that there has never been a virus or malware in the official application!

3. When you have startup problems (slow loading) or pages are unstable it may be caused by an outdated or corrupt extension.
The quickest way to find out if an the problem is related to one (or more) extensions(s) is by temporarily disable them.

a. Go to the extension folder : Documents\WYSIWYG Web Builder\system\extensions\
b. Rename 'extensions to 'extensions_off'
c. Restart the application.
If that solves the problem then the next step if to find out which one of the extensions is causing trouble.
You can do this by moving extensions (.wbx and .uwbx files) to another folder one by one until it works.