How to fix '*.wbx extension could not be loaded' errors?

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How to fix '*.wbx extension could not be loaded' errors?

Post by Pablo » Fri Jul 17, 2015 1:35 pm

When you try to load a project that uses one or more extensions which are no longer on your computer you may get an error like:
'Googlemapswb7.6.wbx' could not be loaded. Please install all missing extensions before you continue.
The reason for this error is that WWB needs to know the data structure of the extension before it can load the stored property data.
If WWB does not know the data structure then this could lead to corrupted memory, possibly resulting in a corrupt project.

'Official' extensions can either be installed via the Extension Manager in the tools menu or downloaded from the website:

Third party extensions can usually be found here:

If an extension is no longer available then the following instructions may help you load the project.
But in that case you will need to remove the extension immediately from the project to prevent further problems!

- close WYSIWYG Web Builder
- download the 'dummy' extension:
- rename 'dummy.wbx' to the name of the missing extension for example 'Googlemapswb7.6.wbx'
- copy the file to the extensions folder: My Documents\WYSIWYG Web Builder\system\extensions\