How do I create a form in Web Builder?

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How do I create a form in Web Builder?

Post by Pablo » Tue Jun 21, 2005 7:33 am

1. Drag the Form object to the page and a draw a box to indicate the position of the form.

2. Design your form by adding some Form controls to the form:
Image Button
Advanced Button
Radio button
Text Area

You can also make text and images part of the form.

You'll notice that all objects become a part of the form, so when you change the position of the form all those objects move along.

3. Make sure your form contains a Submit button. Without this button the user will not be able to submit the entered data.

4. Once you have designed your form, you may need to set some properties.

Select the form and choose Edit|Properties from the Web Builder menu.

The most important thing you need to do is specify the form action.

For example to send the entered data to your email address, when the user presses the submit button:

In the Web Builder sub folder 'examples' you'll find some samples how to make a form. The file is called: forms.wbs
Or visit:
and select Basic Forms to watch a video tutorial about forms.