How do I link pages together?

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How do I link pages together?

Post by Pablo » Tue Jun 21, 2005 5:29 am

Hyperlinks are text or images that can be clicked to bring the user to another web file such as a web page, images or any other file. They are the essence of the World Wide Web as they link pages within sites and web sites to other web sites. To create a hyperlink in Web Builder, follow these steps:

To insert a link highlight the text or image that will be the link and select Insert->Link from the menu bar or pressing CTRL+K.
This will display the Insert Hyperlink window.

Link to a page on another web site
Set the Link To option to Web Site.
Enter the full URL (Internet Address) of the destination page in the URL box.
External URLs MUST begin with "http://" or they will not work.
For example, to link to the Pablo Software Solutions home page, type "" instead of "".

Link to a page on your own web site
Set the Link To option to Internal Web Page.
Click 'Select' to choose a page. This will list all pages which are part of the current project. Select one of the pages and a relative link will automatically be created (eg ./products.html).
- You must publish all pages you've linked to in order to be able to test relative links.
- Internal links do not work in Preview mode, unless you have set the Preview Scope to Entire Web Site (Tools->Options->Preview)

Link to a file
Set the Link To option to Web Site.
First upload the file to your web site (using a FTP client) and remember the location where you've put it.
To link to a file so your visitors can download it from your web site, enter the complete URL to the file.
For example: ...

Link to an email address
Select Email Address from the Link To dropdown list.
The URL box will automatically be updated with the mailto: prefix. Now enter the destination email address.
For example:
or Feedback

Open the link in a new window
To open the link in a new window you must specifiy the Target.
For example:
_blank (opens the link in a new window).
_self (open the link in the current frame)
_parent(open the link in the parent frame)
_top (loads the linked document in the topmost frame)

Text and images can be set as bookmarks (also called "anchors") that can be linked to within a page. For example, if a page has seveeral new items, the news titles for each item can be set as bookmarks and a row of links can be added to the top of the page that will each skip down to those bookmarked sections. This method of using bookmarks allows visitors to your site to quickly access information by not having to scroll down the page to view the information they want.

You can create a Bookmark by using the Bookmark tool from the Insert menu and place it anywhere in the page. Make sure you give the bookmark an unique name. Once you have placed the bookmark icon on your page, it can be selected from the Bookmark dropdown list.