Recovering from an illegal version

First please remove all references of the illegal copy of our software from your computer and install the latest official version:

To reset your illegal activation follow these steps:
1) Start Web Builder
2) Hold down the SHIFT key
3) Click Menu->Help->About (while holding down the SHIFT key)
4) The activation window will now be displayed.
5) Enter your official serial number.
6) Restart the application.

Your project still may have traces of the illegal version, the following steps may remove those traces:
7) Open your website project and save it with the official version
8) Close the website.
9) Open your website project again and re-publish.

Important note:
We strongly advise never to use unofficial versions of our software. It may work temporary, but you could end up losing all your hard work.
Also website published with illegal software violate copyrights!