Extension Builder 6.0 released

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Extension Builder 6.0 released

Post by Pablo » Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:05 am

Extension Builder 6 adds the ability to import (Adobe) Muse Configurable Options Widget (.mucow) files.
Besides the ability to import .mucow files, there is also (experimental) support for .mulib widgets!

This option was added to give Muse Widget developers the possibility to make their widgets also available for WWB without having to start from scratch.
Extension Builder attempts to import all code sections and properties. When possible, the properties are converted to WWB compatible options. In some cases, you may need to fine-tune the imported code to optimize it for WWB.

The new option may also be fun for (advanced) WWB users because it gives access to hundreds of Muse widgets, which in many cases can be converted to an WWB extension with just a few mouse clicks.

.mucow example files can be downloaded here:

.mulib files are available here:
but here are many other websites with cool widgets.

- not all .mulib files are real widgets. Sometimes they are just page fragments/blocks. In that case it will not be possible to import the widget into Extension Builder.
- copyrights may apply

You can download the update here:

HTML/JavaScript knowledge is required to be able to use this tool!