Onedrive microsoft

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Onedrive microsoft

Post by » Mon Jan 28, 2019 2:48 am

I used this program for years an little issues with Onedrive cloud or using other cloud service?

Until a few months ago when I tried to get away from onedrive and all cloud services google drive and go back to a hard drive.

When I did this links were broken to photos and got confusing to figure out why? I thought Wysiwyg kept all info in a folder I chose in settings. and backed up all info to that drive I set. I found this not true when I tried to get rid of one drive a month ago all links broke again when I went to edit it . I saved all my files to the PC but learned now my PC is not my PC it is onedrive
Now I am forced to repay for onedrive to keep all links working to keep updates working

my thoughts to you all that want to help is figure out how big corps like google drive and Microsoft will push you to use there code Hosting companies today want to lock us in to using hosting by using there code. Forcing us people to pay for it and lock us in to their program and pay more offer cheap hosting to get us hooked reason I love this program but I bet in a few years this platform code is going to cost a lot of money across the hosting companies and this why I believe if you can not afford to buy the rights for your code to be hosted this will go bankrupt code has value and how you can keep up will cost money and you have to keep up with sales to get the rights across the hosting platform and it is expensive and they will push you out of business unless you start building your own hosting think I am very smart when it comes to business module today I give you 2 years the big boys will always win against the small. it always comes to money and design you have to have your own servers and that is money big money and ability to keep all hosting servers to read your code is a lot of money

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Re: Onedrive microsoft

Post by BaconFries » Mon Jan 28, 2019 2:56 am

Moved to the Off Topic Section because it is not directly related to WWB and how it functions in anyway. The issue is hosting related or in this case MS Ondrive.

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Re: Onedrive microsoft

Post by Pablo » Mon Jan 28, 2019 7:01 am

The behavior of OneDrivehas nothing to do with WYSIWYG Web Builder.
If the image links are broken then it means that the location of the images has changed.
To keep all files of your project together in one place, you can enabled the option 'Let WYSIWYG Web Builder manage images and other files used by a project" in Tools->Options->Files & Folders
This will make a copy of all images used in your project to the project folder (a sub folder with the same name as the project).
Now when you move the project (and the project folder) then the links to the image will be 'fixed' automatically.

I do not think you should use OneDrive as the main storage location of your files, but rather use it as a backup location. Because if you lose your Internet connection during editing then you may lose your work.
Instead save the file in the standard location (Documents\WYSIWYG Web Builder) and use some kind of backup utility to make a frequent copy to OneDrive.
Then if something goes wrong and the local backups do not work for some reason you can always restore your files from OneDrive.

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