Not very WYSIWYG...

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Not very WYSIWYG...

Post by ZombyWoof » Mon Mar 18, 2019 12:52 pm

I might be out on a limb here, but, Pablo, I'm sorry - I have given up.
I was going to start reporting bugs, but the list got to be so long and, ultimately, the experience was so bad and the usefulness factor so low that it has driven me CRAZY and I am forced to cut losses and look elsewhere.
As far as I have experienced, unless you are prepared to take a template and ONLY modify it SLIGHTLY, then you may end up getting something to work for you. But if you start attemting to add items that weren't in the original template then *I* find I start to run into an endless frustrating list of formatting issues that can't be resolved: Unable to resize, text disppearing, placed items not displaying, etc etc. Can't get FlexGrid to render any content, flexbox published sizes bear no resemblance to the editor, flex grid is not a grid, but seems to be a single row only, etc etc. Attempting to build a responsive site is - well - unresponsive.
The Editor UI looks great and promises much, but, unless I'm missing something, fails to deliver on just about everything I try. :roll:
Sadly the Help information is just not good enough to work out just what is supposed to be going on.
I guess I'll just have to put the purchase price down to experience. Good luck Pablo, not quite good enough yet (for me).

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Re: Not very WYSIWYG...

Post by Pablo » Mon Mar 18, 2019 1:34 pm

There are currently no known issues in the latest update.
And as you can see it seems to work correct for all other users.

Maybe you can be a little bit more specific so I can point you in the right direction?

Unlike in a layout grid, by default elements are not flexible, you will need to configure the flexbox properties to tell the grid how to size them.
Related tutorial:

Also, note that I did not 'invent' the flexgrid. This is standard HTML functionality. I have just added the tools so you can use them.
But if you are not familiar the flexbox concept them maybe using layout grids will be easier to start with?

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Re: Not very WYSIWYG...

Post by crispy68 » Mon Mar 18, 2019 8:06 pm

hi zombywoof,

I don't think you are going to find a better product out than WB. I have used 2 other pieces of software prior to WB and WB is by far the best i've used. Besides the pricepoint, the sheer amount of built-in 'objects' and extensions to create a website along with being able to create more complex layouts is outstanding.

You mentioned everything you try it fails; however, I dont see that you have ever asked for help on any issues as this is the only post from you. There are plenty of users on here that can help. Feel free to check out my website or any of the ones I've done. They were all created with WB. If there were a list of bugs, then I would have certainly found them with the sites i've created and Pablo would have certainly fixed them.

That being said, WB can be overwhelming with the number of choices and if you don't understand certain things (aka: flexbox/flexgrid) then it can certainly be difficult.
Can't get FlexGrid to render any content, flexbox published sizes bear no resemblance to the editor, flex grid is not a grid, but seems to be a single row only, etc etc.
This is not true. My recommendation is to start slow and simple until you grasp how things work. Flexgrid is a more advanced feature however I assure it works correctly.

If you are having troubles, simply ask a question.

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