How To: live chat inbox

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How To: live chat inbox

Post by ConsciouSince2017 » Sat Jul 07, 2018 12:39 pm

I've learned to add Live Chat to my WWB12 website, but I would prefer to have a way to store the conversation with a client on the site itself, which is not something a live chat pop up window can do (aside from emailing a copy of the conversation).

What would allow me to add this functionality to my website? Is it mySQL database? is it PHP? javascript?

I want something similar to the freelancer website called fiverr, to name one as example. You can login as a member and write messages to the inbox of the site owner. If they are present, they can chat in real time, with the "squiggly animated pencil" moving as both parties type. And if one of them is away, they can still leave a message.


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