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What's this new Google Analytics initiative?

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 6:48 pm
by etcbbu
Seems like I'm seeing that Google Analytics is sort of taking a bit of a "new" undertaking, with how they're telling us to track activity on our pages.

Does it mean there is more to it than just simply using the copy/paste "Tracking Code" that, for instance, I am using in the "Page >> Google Analytics" pages of my projects for which I use WB? What I am talking about is what I see on the Google Analytics >> Options >> Tracking Info >> Tracking Code , here:

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Additional implementation options are also available including analytics.js and the Measurement Protocol. Learn more about additional tracking methods.
Do I need to be doing something *more* beyond just copying/pasting that snippet that is on that same page Google Analytics >> Options >> Tracking Info >> Tracking Code , for web projects?