Free template: Minimalistic yellow

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Free template: Minimalistic yellow

Post by filmphotog » Sun Sep 13, 2015 2:27 pm

Free WYSIWYG Web Builder template: Minimalistic yellow

This template in similar design as my template Minimalistic green, but uses Master Frame for simplicity. Perhaps someone is interested in using this template as a start and continue to modify the pages.

Terms of use: Free

Extensions needed: Responsive Drop Down Menu 1.0.0 (by Pablo Software Solutions)

No licensed images were used, the pictures were taken by me earlier today and are free to use.

Responsive Web Design

- 5 breakpoints, 320 480 768 1024 1280 (the two largest are reduced to 994 and 1250 for scrollbars in browswers)
- Master Frame is used for all pages (two master frames because of different links in the menu)
- Startpage and 4 additional pages
- Carousel - replace pictures with 1250x703 pixels (16:9 format), or use them.
- Navigation pictures - replace pictures with 140x93 pixels (3:2 format), or use them.

When replacing pictures select properties and choose another image source.
It's best to check View-->Object Outlines because objects in the master_frame are grey on grey and are hard to see without the object outlines.

Fully functional demo

Template for download

Hope this template is useful, thanks.


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