eCommerce Template using Abantecart

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eCommerce Template using Abantecart

Post by RiaanN » Fri Dec 22, 2017 8:36 am

Hi Guys

I build this from scratch – I know it is isn’t perfect, but at least everything about it is 100% FREE

In order to use this template, please do the following:

1. Install Abantecart on the hosting side (most web hosting providers do have Abantecart that can be installed using Cpanel). If not you will need to download Abantecart and manually install it. (See Abantecart documentation for help)
2. Once Abantecart is fully installed you can start adding products to the Abantecart products.
3. Customize Abantecart to your needs – Payment method, currency etcetera.
4. Use the HTML code generated by Abantecart and paste it into WYSIWYG Web Builder
5. Publish your Web Builder website after you customized it to your liking and everything should be working just fine


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