Monalisa Template for Webbuilder12x (With Particles and Discussion Extension)

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Monalisa Template for Webbuilder12x (With Particles and Discussion Extension)

Post by me.prosenjeet » Sun Nov 05, 2017 2:07 pm


Monalisa Template for Webbuilder 12 and above is an all purpose template and can be used for any type of website

Uses yet another exclusive Particles See-Saw Extension.
1. Add a header main background image
2. Add background image overlay to create pseudo 3D effect
3. Has the option to add curved lines in particles.
4. Can add parallax effect to particle motion
5. Set particle opacity
6.Add up to 4 scrolling flowing texts
7. Add links to social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest)
8. Increase/decrease the density of particles on the page
9. Etc.

Uses Webbuilder Discussion extension to have a discussion board / testimonial section on the website. Check the 'Testimonial' page on the Live demo.

Fully Responsive website
Monalisa is a complete website (and not just a template) with functional Contact page, Gallery page etc

Full details with live demo: ... bbuilder12

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