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Sir. Edwards School (with Login Tools) Template WB12

Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:41 pm
by h3rnan
Sir. Edwards School is a template designed for schools, repair services and for all those who need to provide PRIVATE information to registered users. In this template, the parents of students who attend the institute can access the qualifications of their children privately. Imagine the possibilities that you can give to this template, for example, provide support to customers, control, track products in the workshop, all in a completely private way, only the registered user accesses the system!


WWB: 12.2.2+
Style: Full Site
Coding: PHP
Width: 1200 px +

Responsive: YES, Layout Grid + FlexBox Container / 320px / 480px / 768px / 800px / 980px / 1024px / 1200px +

Additional Features: LOGIN TOOLS / User Registration / Restore Passwords / Exclusive and Private Pages for each registered user / MySQL or FlatFile Data Base required / Layout Grid + FlexBox Container / Full Responsive / Master Frame / Master Objects / Animations / Parallax / Social Network Icons / Full Site, Back To Top button.

Functionality: Multipurpose Template, Design for Schools, Repair services, provide private area to customers.

Difficulty Level: 8/10
Image Licenses Included: CC0 Public Domain
Extension Required: NO NEEDED

In you will find the username and password to test the private area. ... uct_id=141