Adendum Designed Template #8

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Adendum Designed Template #8

Post by Adendum » Sun Feb 16, 2014 7:34 pm

From the same developer that brought you the series of highly acclaimed free extensions (41 in the portfolio) you now have access to a small but growing set of professionally designed and implemented WWB9+ templates.
The eighth in the series is the aptly named WWB9 Template - EIGHT - £10.00.

Demo #8 / All Demos / Purchase

Template Style
The demo/template is a variation of the previous template (#7) with a few added twists (err, features!). The template still has a clean and crisp visual experience with a few interesting features. The colour scheme is Indian Red and quite strawberry flavoured but as with any WWB template can be changed using the global change tool. There are a couple of nice touches partly achieved using extensions and partly with some simple JavaScript. Note the 'reveal' at the top of the page and the same use of the search icon.

Template Content

This template contains 14 pages, several of which contain information about the template itself.

Master Frames
The template uses a Master Frame set up and also uses Master Objects for two areas. The master frame page controls most of the site's look and feel so you should not need to stretch your creativity!

Extensions Used and Required
Four (4) extensions have been used to create this template but these are optional. However, much of the look of the template does stem from the use of them. The choice is yours. The site search is initiated from a simple JavaScript linked image and the standard WWB search tool is used with results appearing in a separate page.

There is one extension, Price Tables, that is currently exclusive to this template - it has not been released as a free extension.

The images used in the demo are all place-holder images supplied via a variety of online image holder websites. Therefore the template contains HTML blocks to call in the images in place of where the browser shows images; some of these are random. You are therefore expected to supply your own images in this template.

The 77 icons provided with this template are guaranteed 100% rights free and can be used freely in any project including commercial projects. All icons are 32 x 32 in .png format and are supplied as a ZIP file within the zipped template file, meaning you will need to extract these manually.

Demo #8 / All Demos / Purchase

Have fun with it!
Aditerum - No longer supporting WWB extensions - refer to CJS.
Aditerum - No longer supporting WWB templates - refer to CJS.

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