A note on the new extensions

In this section you can share self-made extensions with other users of WYSIWYG Web Builder.

There are already more than 250 extensions available!
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A note on the new extensions

Post by zinc » Sun Jun 22, 2014 2:16 pm

In case you have not noticed, [RZ] has returned to the forum with a huge arsenal of extensions, too many to mention :D However I just wanted to add my 2p to this. This is not to undermine other extension builders out but the reason I am singling out [RZ] is because he seems to be offering tools that far more than "Nice to Have" and very essential if you are a serious web designer. With version 10 looming on the horizon, Pablo is taking WWB to a new level and [RZ] is developing and delivering tools that compliment WWB very nicely and make it a very very potent tool. So get behind him and developers alike and support him so we make this community even better. I am not undermining other great builders on this forum, you guys know who you are, BaconFries, Ademdum, Jordan, Scott and many more...

So keep up the good work as us mortals need you guys.....

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Re: A note on the new extensions

Post by [RZ] » Sun Jun 22, 2014 7:33 pm

thank you zinc for your kind words!
well, we are working almost all days every week hu? ("woody woodpecker" haha)
you know that coding is not an easy stuff as it seems, so, thanks again for supporting my work

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