Mobile redirect with question (Are you on a mobile device?)

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Patrik iden
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Mobile redirect with question (Are you on a mobile device?)

Post by Patrik iden » Thu Apr 10, 2014 4:23 pm

Hello, i'v just made a shange to the Mobile redirect Java script, (it's now an extension) When a user enters your maine site (the site that you wish to redirect users to a mobile site if they are on a mobile device) there will be a question (Are you on a mobile device?) and the visitor can answer Yes or Cancel. If the visitor click/taps Yes he/she will be redirected to the nobile site. If the visitor clicks/taps the Cancel button he/she will go to the main page (the page that you have this extension on. You can change the Question/Statement to what ever you like.

Download: ... estion.rar

Org script: WWB Ready to use Java script (Mobile redirect).

I also made this Extension:

Hello, i just made a new Mobile redirect Extension. This one works as when a user enters the Desktop page he/she will be asked a question to be redirected to Mobile site or stay at the Desktop site.
and If the user clicks OK he/she will be redirected to the mobile site just like the other Extension. But if on the Mobile site you have a link back to the Desktop site and the user clicks it he/she will get back to the Desktop page, but this time there will be no question/redirect to go to the Mobile site. Please try it and get back to me and confirm that it works. Thank you.

Download: ... k_link.rar
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Re: Mobile redirect with question (Are you on a mobile devic

Post by BaconFries » Fri Apr 11, 2014 9:33 am

Patrick is the script that you have used your own creation? If not then please provide a link to the original author and give them credit for there work as it is not yours. Please read the forum rules regarding this.....

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