Sneak Preview of a PARALLAX template

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Re: Sneak Preview of a PARALLAX template

Post by Adendum » Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:20 am

It was released several weeks ago. Check my signature fot demos or go here to buy.
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Re: Sneak Preview of a PARALLAX template

Post by bry » Wed May 13, 2015 2:49 am

Adendum wrote:

One thing I do need to investigate is how to handle a potential SERP issue. Maybe someone can offer a suggestion? The issue is that the template is a one page site but is made up of 5 other pages that are embedded in the index page. This is necessary to make it easy for the user to create their content.

So once published and the site gets crawled it will find 6 pages in total. If Google reports back on a search and offers up one of the pages (that is embedded) and that page is clicked, the visitor will get a page with no navigation to the rest of the site. So I am looking for a method that ensures if one of the 5 pages is accessed (by any method) that the browser takes them to index.html. Ideas?
I think that to handle the SERP issue, your menu links should not be at the top and horizontally aligned but should be on the left vertically aligned. That would correspond to the vertical design of the pages and makes more sense to me. That is just my thought on it.


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