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shopping with PayPal

Post by chubs2862 » Mon Jul 20, 2015 4:18 pm

Okay need the help of one of you WYSIWYG masters. Tried all of the extensions available for the PayPal bit, don't know enough about PHP or MySQL etc to play about with webshop 3.2 or server based stuff yet.

Need to the ability to use a PayPal button that allows me to sell one type of item with various sizes and prices such as I have listed below....

Item = Printed Banner
Variables = up to 12 different size prices
2ft x 8ft £24.50
2ft x 10ft £30.00
2ft x 14ft £36.00
2ft x 16ft £40.00
2ft x 20ft £55.00
3ft x 8ft £29.99

Its for a print shop that I am working for that got a price of £1000's and if I can do it it will keep me employed and not unemployed for the near future...
I'm sure it can be done but not how.
or would I be better of using something else other than WYSIWYG?

Greatfull for any help

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Re: shopping with PayPal

Post by BaconFries » Mon Jul 20, 2015 4:38 pm

One or two ways to achieve this.
1) Add a PayPal add to cart to page then add a Combobox in it Properties-> Item add the Lengths and the costs required, then now in the PayPal buttons Properties select Options and insert the Combobox, position Combox above/below/at side button.

2) Go to the form wizard and select Create a new form based on a template and select PayPal Price Option then modify to what you need.

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Re: shopping with PayPal

Post by chubs2862 » Mon Jul 20, 2015 6:25 pm

Sorted, went a totally different route by using PayPal itself. Was trolling through the PayPal site whilst logged onto it and by Total fluke too noticed they allow you to make buttons.
They allow you to generate buttons with all sorts of bits and bobs including VAT / Tax, postage etc all within a HTML doc.
Just copy the code into a html frame and hey presto.. also connects straight to your paypal account with the added plus
you can add view cart button too.

Thank you for all your help, this is bar far the easiest way to go.... :D

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