My FlexBox tomatos!

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My FlexBox tomatos!

Post by ConsciouSince2017 » Thu Jul 05, 2018 3:16 am

I cut my teeth with WWB (not literally). Took me a lot of fiddling around with Layers, Grids & FlexBoxes. When I couldn't get what I wanted, I would make a sandwich of flexboxes inside layout grids inside layers. It would work, but I felt I was doing a hack job. Or as my dad says, "..a Mickey Mouse job..." Later, I would discover I just need to read the Help file a little more and practice-practice-practice.

I wanted to share this simple Header + Drop Shadow, for those beginners out there.
NOTE: to streamline future projects, I grouped these layers into a single object and saved it as a Block. Whenever I need it, it's ready-made in my Blocks handy!

Here it is: :arrow:
To create this kind of header, I have the text and logo/icon inside a FlexBox which is set to 'space-between' and the max width to my liking (800px). Since FlexBox doesn't have drop box effect, I drag-n-drop the FlexBox inside a Layer, which DOES have the blury effect. Voila!

Is this how you would achieve this?
[using WWB v12.5]



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