WB8 Cycle addon instructions and settings

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WB8 Cycle addon instructions and settings

Post by protectourlands » Tue Jan 10, 2012 11:43 pm

This explains how to obtain the Cycle addon, and to share extra commands like speed and transition effect. Please share other commands if you see something not listed.

Download the Lightbox addon for WB8: http://www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com/free_extras.html. When using a Slideshow or Photo Gallery on your page, to access Cycle go to Options > Type > Lightbox Gallery. Then set the Lightbox to cycle.

To customize cycle, add any of these to "Settings" (separate each variable with comma like shown):

autostop:0, (true to end slideshow after X transitions (where X == slide count)
autostopCount:0, (number of transitions - optionally used with autostop to define X)
backwards:false, (true to start slideshow at last slide and move backwards through the stack)
containerResize:1, (resize container to fit largest slide)
continuous:0, (true to start next transition immediately after current one completes)
delay:0, (additional delay [in ms] for first transition - can be negative)
fx:'fade', (name of transition effect or comma separated names, ex: 'fade,scrollUp,scrollDown,scrollHorz,scrollVert,shuffle')
pause:0, (true to enable "pause on hover")
pauseOnPagerHover:0, (true to pause when hovering over pager link)
random:0, (true for random, false for sequence)
randomizeEffects: 1, (valid when multiple effects are used; true to make the effect sequence random)
rev:0, (causes animations to transition in reverse [for effects that support it such as scrollHorz/scrollVert/shuffle])
speed:1000, (speed of the transition in ms)
timeout:4000, (milliseconds between slide transitions (0 to disable auto advance)

This is only available in WB8 - another great reason to upgrade if you haven't already.

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