Embedded page and floating layer

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Embedded page and floating layer

Post by studioguys » Sat Jun 16, 2018 10:01 pm

I have a masterpage with a navigationbar and added some shadow. Once I include it in a fresh page as an embedded page, the shadow shows. Then when I add a layer and place it below the embedded navibar, the added layer is properly placed behind the navi-bar. Then when I e.g. change the layer to floating because I want it to be spread across the entire page, it is placed IN FRONT of the navigationbar It looks fine in Wysiwyg, but not in preview mode. It seems it doesn't matter what you change, just after any change you can;t change the order of layers anymore. The shadow is irrelevant really, it's just why I noticed the order of the layers seems to switch to fixed.

Hope I described the problem clearly enough. If I'm doing something wrong I apologize in advance for posting the issue here!


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Re: Embedded page and floating layer

Post by Pablo » Sun Jun 17, 2018 7:48 am

Floating elements do not have a z-index. So, changing the order will only affect the position in the layout, the object will not be be moved to the front/back. That is only possible with absolute posited elements.
If you want to design a floating flexible layout then all elem tn should be floating. (also int he master page).

Here is an example of using master pages with different layout methods:

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