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Modern 64 Bit WWB used for Organ Association website

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 10:33 pm
by donjohnson24
BOGA - the British Organ Grinders Association previously had their domain pointing to some pages on the site of a music arranger who kindly got things going for them some years ago. For various reasons the committee have been a bit lax on updating details there, and thought that actually having their own hosting might help to improve matters and hopefully boost membership. As I currently look after John Smith's website (he publishes designs for people to build their own hand-cranked organs - see ) John suggested that I might occupy more of my retirement hours by looking after BOGA as well.

I had some fun transferring the domain name from the music arranger, and also getting the 64 bit version of WWB up and running in spite of missing extensions. The transfer is not complete yet, but I had to get something going quickly after transferring the domain to myself, as it appears that it is not possible to point a domain to sub-pages on someone else's site.

So, take a look at - some of the additional pages shown at the bottom of the opening pages are active, but a couple more remain to be done when info' comes from the committee. If the site looks rather old fashioned, please bear in mind that most of the people that get involved with hand cranked organs are usually pretty mature, so small text and complicated stuff is not a priority!