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WWB8 upgrade information

Post by Pablo » Sat Dec 24, 2011 9:27 am

This topic describes important changes compared to older versions of the software:

1. WYSIWYG Web builder 8 now generates much cleaner HTML code where the styling (CSS) is seperated from the HTML (where possible).
However this means that more than ever it's important to make sure your IDs are unique within the context of the page, otherwise the same object will get multiple styles definitions.
You can use the new Error Reports tool (Menu->Tools->Error Reports) to check for duplicate IDs.

2. You can now set the 'theme' for all theme enabled (jQuery) components in Page Properties (Style->Theme), because you can use one theme per page anyway. So you don't have to set the theme for each object individually anymore.

3. If you set the border style of a Button to 'None' then the browser will render the system default button style! If you want to overwrite this default browser style you must set the border to anything other than 'None'.

4. The new publish window uses the description of a publish profile to distinguish between the various publish profiles. So make sure the 'Description' field is not empty and has a unique value for all profiles.

5. Export to HTML no longer displays the 'Export to HTMl dialog by default, it will now launch the Publish window instead. This change was made because many (new) users did not understand that this option was not meant to publish a website. If you really want to export the active HTML page only, then hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard.

Advanced users can also add the following DWORD value to the registry (set to '0') to force the export dialog:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Pablo Software Solutions\WYSIWYG Web Builder 8\Settings\ExportEqPublish

6. WWB8 has many new HTML5/CCS3 features. Of course this means that you and your visitors need a modern browser to make use of these features. For example for CSS3 gradients (used by the CSS menu, backgrounds etc) you need at least IE10 (other browsers already have support for it in their current versions)

7. If you have added external/custom HTML code then please make sure it's W3C complaint (just like the code generated by WWB). Adding invalid code may also affect other parts of the page or cause unexpected behavior. WWb cannot fix errors in your code!

8. If you've changed the default document folder in WWB7 and want to share your extensions, templates, publish settings etc then make sure you configure the same folder in WWB8 (Menu->Tools->Options->Files & Folders)

9. If you have added extra button images to the navigationbar in previous version. Then make sure these are also available to WWB8.
Extra buttons images should be stored in My Documents\WYSIWYG Web Builder\system\navbar
See also:

10. The text object has been completely redesigned to make it more W3C complaint, get it ready for the future (HTML5) and workaround common issues with modern browsers (like the different ways of rendering between browsers). In some cases your text may look different that it use to do. However the new text tools will help you optimize your text so that it looks good in all modern browsers.
Please read this topic for more details:

11. The Mega Menu and Simple Menu extensions are now standard part of toolbox. You no longer need the extensions, they will no longer be maintained.

12. If you have been using an illegal version of WWB7 then (some) extensions may not work in WWB8, even if you have an official license! Some cracks disable functionality needed by extensions.
Never use unofficial version of our software!!! Please contact support@pablosoftwaresolutions.com for help how to remove these cracks from your computer.

13. If you experience different behavior of features compared to older versions of the software then first check the help. Most features have been well documented.