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How do I name my pages, images and other files?

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2005 7:30 am
by Pablo
While building your web site, Web Builder saves the project file with the .wbs extension. This is a project file used by Web Builder to simplify the building process.

One project file can contain multiple web pages. Once your pages are ready you must export or publish them as HTML.
(more details: ... c.php?t=32)

The name of the output HTML file is taken from the name you've specified in the Site Manager.

So if you've named the page index then the output file will be called index.html. If the page needs another extension like .php, you can configure this in the Page Properties.

Here are a some guidelines how to name your web pages:

1. Do not add .html or .htm extension to the page name.

Web Builder will automatically add the .html extension (or .php, .asp) when it publishes (or exports) the HTML code.

2. Always name your homepage: "index", this is the most common name for a homepage. Do not call it "home" or "Index", it should be all lowercase!

3. Always use lowercase filenames, most webservers are case sensitive and might fail to find your page if you have called it "Index" or "INDEX"

4. Do not use spaces, '&', '+', '#', brackets, dots or other special characters in the name, keep them simple like:

TIP: only use alphanumeric characters in the names of pages and other web related naming!

5. Use underscores or hyphens to connect words.

Important: Some browsers will not display the page or image if the filename is not web safe!!!

6. Do not start names with a number '123name' is not valid. Instead use 'name123'

Re: How do I name my pages, images and other files?

Posted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 8:33 am
by Pablo